"The most urgent question for every leader in business & community life is this: 'what kind of city do you want to be living in 10 years from now - and what will you do now to set that in motion?'"

Mal Fletcher
Author, social commentator, global speaker
business & media consultant, broadcaster
Chairman, 2020Plus


What will your city look like by the year 2020? Will the changes be merely cosmetic or deep-rooted?

  • How will global recession affect the long-term prospects & outlook of individuals & families?

  • Who will leave your city - and who will come in? What demographic changes can you expect?

  • How will media and new media evolve and merge - and what difference will this make in people's lives?

  • What will advances in technology - especially in bioengineering and communications - mean to the quality of life?

  • Will ecological concerns lead to entirely new approaches to local living?

  • Will e-interfacing replace face-to-face relationships and might this lead to increased social alienation?

  • How will increasing migration affect social cohesion and how well will people integrate into new environments?

What can leaders do to prepare for the changes ahead? How can we provide the kind of forward-looking & confident leadership people are demanding?

  • How can we inspire people to face the future with confidence - in a world where low-probability events happen suddenly, producing huge changes fast?

  • How can we strengthen families in the face of changing standards?

  • How can we make the future a better place for the young - in education, entertainment, employment etc?

  • How can we encourage people to overcome isolationism & invest more in creating a better future for their community?

  • How can we create a community spirit - or is that an outmoded concept? How can we convince people that our city is a good place in which to live?

  • How can we build bridges between generations - connecting their different strengths to higher goals?


Civic Leadership:
  • To help civic leaders, in government, media, business and education, to proactively engage the major opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, as society moves into a post-postmodern, hyper-tech environment. Strategically shaping a better future for everyone in the community.
Church Leadership:
  • To help churches and networks of churches to become partners in strategically and proactively shaping change over the next decade. Recognizing the unique contribution churches and other faith organisations play in building better communities for all.

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